Scrip: The easy way to raise money for your PTA

Sep 13, 2010

It’s true - buying Scrip through our Scrip program is free, easy and allows us to raise money for our school without Beverly Cleary School families donating money to the school themselves. 

What is Scrip?

Scrip is just another word for gift cards that businesses sell to the PTA at a discount.

Discounts vary by business, but in all cases, you purchase Scrip gift cards from the PTA at face value to use at stores and restaurants just as you would any gift card, and the business donates a percentage of the Scrip card value to the PTA.  We also have community supporters that offer local scrip.

For example, when you purchase a $100 Fred Meyer Scrip card through our Scrip program, you get a $100 Fred Meyer gift card to use or give as a gift just as you would normally. But for every $100 Scrip gift card we sell, Fred Meyer donates $4 to the PTA to use to purchase classroom supplies that enrich our students‘ learning environment.  The donation to BCS comes out of the merchant’s pocket, not yours!

(Download a scrip order form by clicking here and download a local scrip order form by clicking here.)

How much money can BCS raise and how does it benefit our students?

A lot and it adds up quickly!  Last year, Scrip raised over $10,000 that was used to purchase a variety of supplies to enhance student learning and provide a more robust learning environment than our students would otherwise have had.

Scrip proceeds have funded class field trips and have been used to purchase, among other things, new library books, math books, games and puzzles, Walk to Read and other reading supplies, art and costume supplies, science materials and equipment, and many other things.

This school year, if just 50 families bought $100 in grocery Scrip each week, we’d earn $7,200 on that alone. If 100 families ordered just $100 in grocery Scrip a week, we’d earn $14,400

And that’s just for the grocery Scrip, which provides the smallest discount. Add to that 50 families buying larger discount Scrip like $15 of Jazzkats per week and we’re looking at over $16,000 for our school just by buying groceries and fueling our caffeine habit with Scrip!  Not too shabby, especially since the money is raised from area businesses and NOT from BCS families!

You sold me - How do I order Scrip and when do I get the Scrip I order?

There are five easy ways to buy Scrip:

1. Order Tuesday morning at drop off, get your Scrip Thursday afternoon at pick up.

Fill out an order form (download above) and turn it in with your check (written out to BCS PTA) at drop off on Tuesday mornings at the Scrip table outside the office on either campus or, at Fernwood, hand it to the person holding the “Scrip“ sign on the playground near the turnaround.  If you’re on campus Thursday afternoons we can deliver your Scrip to you in person at pick up.  If you’re not on campus, see “What if I’m not on campus Thursday afternoons?“ below.

2. Submit your order and payment anytime at either office or in your student‘s classroom Scrip envelope.

Place your completed order and check (written out to BCS PTA) in the locked Scrip mailbox in either office or the Scrip envelope in your student’s classroom at any time. We’ll pick it up and submit it on Tuesday morning with all the other orders for that week, and you’ll have your Scrip that Thursday.

3. Buy Scrip onsite Tuesday and Friday mornings, and at various school and PTA events throughout the year.

We sell our most popular Scrip cards at the Scrip tables outside the office on either campus on Tuesday and Friday mornings and at most school and PTA events!  Bring your checkbook and leave with Scrip to use immediately!  

4. Order Online with a credit card

Use your credit card to order Scrip through the BCS website. We offer eight of the most popular Scrip cards through the website to make it more convenient for those who prefer ordering online, but must pass along the 3% Paypal fee to you. The deadline for ordering through the BCS website is 8pm Monday night to have your Scrip the following Thursday afternoon.

5. Order using

Read more about this terrific program by clicking here! (Be sure to use enrollment code 2256BE2D32128)

What if I’m not on campus Thursday afternoons to pick up my Scrip?

You can avoid the whole question by purchasing Scrip-on-the-Spot Tuesday or Friday mornings on either campus!  If your schedule doesn’t allow you to be on campus Thursday afternoons or for the on-site sales, however, you can complete a “Backpack Release Form” (click here to download) and we’ll deliver your Scrip to your child in his/her classroom just before dismissal on Thursday to bring home in his/her backpack.  

How else can I help the Scrip program?

The best way to help the Scrip program – and our school – is to order Scrip to use when you shop!  You can also tell your friends and neighbors about Scrip and encourage them to order as well.  You don’t have to be a Beverly Cleary family, teacher or staff member to order Scrip from our program, and the more people buy Scrip, the more money we’ll have to fund supplies for BCS!  If you’re interested in helping with the Scrip program, or have questions or need additional information, feel free to contact Jeannie Latenser or Linda Lewis. There are plenty of big and little ways to get involved - from helping collect orders on Tuesday mornings to driving to pick up the Scrip orders on Thursdays to distributing Scrip information to classroom mailboxes and many other things.  We are especially in need of help at Hollyrood on Tuesday and Friday mornings and Thursday afternoons!  If you can be at Hollyrood at 8:15 on Tuesday and/or Friday morning to sell Scrip and collect orders at drop off and then bring them to Fernwood by 9, and/or deliver orders Thursday afternoon starting just before pick up and would be willing to help please let us know!  All are very child friendly activities.